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Pareto Offroad, LLC

Seat Delete Platform for Jeep Wrangler 2 Door JL 2018 -2024

Seat Delete Platform for Jeep Wrangler 2 Door JL 2018 -2024

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Our Seat Delete Platform creates a completely flat surface to increase space and help you stay organized. Removable hatches allow access to space below the platform.

Our Seat Delete Platform features:

  • Access hatches allow access to the area below, increasing storage options. Recessed pulls allow easy removal while preventing anything from falling below.
  • Easy installation. Once your seats are removed, minimal hardware is needed to install the platform. Install time is typically under 10 minutes.
  • Future compatibility. All our Seat Delete Platforms feature full compatibility with our future products, including drawer systems, fridge slides, side storage shelves, and rear shelving.
  • Compatible with other manufacturers products. To retain a clean appearance, we don't pre-drill attachment holes. You're free to use other manufactures products without leaving unused holes in your platform.

Our Seat Delete Platform construction:

  • All surfaces are coated with a professionally applied bed liner. Along with looking great, this coating increases the durability of the platform and water resistance.
  • Minimal fasteners visible from the top create a visually clean platform. We worked hard to reduce holes in the top surface that can collect with debris and allow spills to leak downward and compromise electronics.
  • 100% black stainless steel surface hardware. Further adds to the clean appearance and reduces fastener corrosion issues.
  • Completely flat surface. All hardware and hatches are completely level with the platform - nothing to get in your way or make modifications more complicated.

Each platform is built to order, so please allow 4 weeks for shipment.

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